I drew an image for the blog today. It was a very high-tech project, created using colored pencils and a Sharpie on cheap paper, and photographed using my Android phone, lol.

I’m pretty enthusiastic about the books I’ve lined up to read this summer. Many of them aren’t actual real books yet, they’re part of the Manning early access program (MEAP).

The first two I’m reading together because they complement each other:

The next is just because it looked really interesting:

  • Big Data by Nathan Marz and James Warren (MEAP)

Can you tell that I had a coupon code?

Other books lined up to go after the above are Android in Practice, Akka in Action, The Well-Grounded Java Developer, and a Cassandra book that’s a little outdated but should still be good.

Fresh New Blog

May 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

My server died a miserable motherboard death about 6 months ago and I’ve finally decided to put a blog up on WordPress rather than maintain a server or use AWS resources for it. So,  this is it… I’ll eventually port over the less outdated posts, but otherwise, it’s all fresh and new. I’m not currently planning to redirect old URLs.

More to come later…

Fennel Sketch